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Cabon Bodybasic

Body in Balance

Cabon Bodybasic consists of an active mineral mixture optimized for your body. These active intestine minerals have a stimulating effect and the active alkaline minerals mobilize ballast and active basic minerals support the soft regulation in the process. Based on the CIEMA slimming method, you take daily (according to schedule) supplementary the minerals of Cabon Bodybasic during the Bodybasic detox treatment.

The Bodybasic Detox Treatment - a specially developed and effective detox including Basic Nutrition - provides an essential food composition from all major food groups that your body needs. The food is planned day by day without going hungry. You feel intact, easier again and have more energy. Your body is in balance, you are strengthened and performance ready, the base for an optimal balance.With Body in Balance, you are prepared for Step 2

Active intestine minerals – with stimulating effect, Active basic minerals – mobilizing ballast

Active intestine fiber – soft regulation, Active Bodybasic – by the balanced proportion of minerals


Step 1

of the CIEMA

Slimming Methode:

Body in Balance


      Start the Bodybasic Detox Treatment, a mineral complex with alkaline minerals and salts using the seven day detox plan and the lifestyle product Cabon Bodybasic.

Active intestine minerals

Active basic minerals

Active intestine fiber



Step 2

of the CIEMA

Slimming Method:

Body in Form


LCS Bodystyle consists of a mixture of nutrients and active ingredients optimized for your body.  These consists active-body-nutrients with essential vitamins and enzymes for the morning, an effective figure-forming-lipid binder for lunch time and an ultra-complex of trace elements, important for the skin structure in the evening.


LCS Bodystyling

Body in Form

LCS Bodystyling - LCS-1 for morning - active minerals, essential vitamins and enzymes.

LCS Bodystyling . LCS-2 for midday – lipid binder, plant compounds and minerals.

LCS Bodystyling - LCS-3 for evening - ultra complex of trace elements for skin and connective tissue.

The Bodystyling Treatment, a food optimised treatment including the Vital & Slim nutrition, offers daily healthy nutrition consisting of all major food groups that your body needs. “The right food at the right time of day” corresponds to the time of day rhythm. Not a diet but rather an effective dietary change based on the holistic CIEMA Slimming Method easily integrated into your daily routine

The 4 weeks nutrition plan contains a Vital & Slim nutrition in which your body optimally utilises food and food components, converts them into energy and supports weight loss. No calorie counting, no giving up food and no hunger. This will help you achieve your ideal figure and a vital, slim body.

The Bodystyling Treatment and the complementary Nutritional Lifestyle Product LCS Bodystyle

may be renewed until you reach your ideal weight.


Step 3

of the CIEMA

Slimming Method: 

Vital & Slim Nutrition


CIEMA cookbook “enjoy your food” –

eat healthy and lose weight with recipes of the

vital & slim nutrition. In the accompanying

CIEMA cookbook “Enjoy your food” -

eat healthy and lose weight - you will find


Enjoy your food!


Kochbuch Cover 18_KL.PNG

delicious Vital & Slim recipes and recipe ideas for balanced nutrition, cooking for one or on-the-go food suggestions.

The Vital & Slim recipes in the cook book “Enjoy your food” are based on the holistic CIEMA Slimming Method according to the five pillars of nutrition correspond to the time of day rhythm.

Recipes and recipe ideas compiled by the day times:

Morning: life force

Start your day with life force! Start with the right breakfast that gives you the energy you need for a dynamic start.

Midmorning: fit and active

Vitamins keep you fit! Fresh fruit is the perfect snack during midmorning. Our body can absorb and use the invigorating energy of fruit particularly good.

Midday: power

New power for the second half of the day. The internal biorhythm just needs a balanced meal. Nutritious and with the right combination of food you are going strengthened in the afternoon.

Afternoon: indulgence

A pleasure are the sweet and healthy afternoon creations. (Enjoy them in moderation – 1-2 time per week)

Evening: Balance

Get your inner balance with light and varied cuisine and the best preparations variations for your body.


CIEMA’s holistic nutrition method utilises the diversity of nature. All the dishes in this cook book come together quickly and easily, taste delicious, keep the body fit and full of vitality. Healthy nutrition is therefore a focal point for CIEMA.

Healthy eating and enjoyment – it’s the CIEMA Lifestyle!


Nutritional lifestyle product

Xionin Bodypower – a vital substances mix.


Energy activator

The nutritional lifestyle product Xionin Bodypower is a vital substances mix and serves as an energy activator.


Xionin Bodypower consists of a for your body optimized blend of botanicals with vitamins , minerals, enzymes and valuable omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

The daily nutrient supplement Xionin Bodypower has an energy activator effect.



Energy activator vital substance -  power day


Energy activator vital substance -  power before the parts


Energy activator vital substance -  power after party

Xionin Bodypower-Substances contribute to the reduction of tiredness and improve the well-being.


Also available as Xionin Bodypower to go! Always with you in a handy, lockable to go etui.