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Vital & Slim recipes

CIEMA cookbook “enjoy your food” – eat healthy and lose weight with recipes of the vital & slim nutrition.


Cooking with CIEMA opened to all those who want to lose weight healthy and sustainable, an easy and enjoyable way to conscious a healthy nutrition. A change in nutrition brings enjoyment and pleasure and is probably the most promising way for healthy and sustainable weight reduction.


A healthy nutrition based on the holistic CIEMA Slimming Method according to the five pillars of nutrition corresponding to the time of day rhythm.

Recipes and recipe ideas compiled by the day times – eat healthy and lose weight.

These pages are excerpts from the cookbook - each food suggestions for one day by the 5 nutrition pillars in the rhythm of the times of day

the CIEMA Slimming method

The nature offers us for all seasons an extremely diverse choice in fresh and substantial food which is virtually perfect for our nutrition.

CIEMA’s holistic nutrition method utilises the diversity of nature. All the dishes in this cook book come together quickly and easily, taste delicious, keep the body fit and full of vitality. Healthy nutrition is therefore a focal point for CIEMA. Healthy eating and enjoyment – it’s the CIEMA Lifestyle!

"The Queen of the

recipes is the



nutrition pillars in the rhythm

of the times of day


vitality with a high-fibre breakfast


fit and active with fruit juices, fruit and active drinks


power with protein-rich meals and power food


enjoy healthy sweet snacks

1-2 times per week


balance with vegetable dishes made from varied vegetables

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