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Personal Online-Coaching based on the holistic CIEMA Slimming Method


                  - Coaching for your everyday food (what do I eata t what time of the day)

                  - Coaching for your eating (what healthy food causes)

                  - Coaching for life (why healthy food is elementary)

                  - Coaching for healthy lifestyle (healthy food as an energy source)                   

                  - Coaching for your own body consciousness (out of conviction nutriti)

CIEMA Online Coaching

Coaching start:

Body check and CIEMA slimming index

Creation of the time/sequence of events of the phases of weight loosing

CIEMA Online Coaching

Bodybasic detox treatment with Cabon Bodybasic. Daily delivery of the 7 days detox plan affiliated to the basic nutrition (the night before)

CIEMA Online Coaching

Bodystyling treatment with LCS Bodystyling. Weekly delivery of the 4 weeks nutrition plan affiliated to the vital & slim nutrition (the night before at the beginning of the week) for a healthy and balanced nutrition

Vital & Slim - with recipes and food suggestions in pictures from the accompanying CIEMA cookbook “enjoy your food” – eat healthy and lose weight, according to the 5 meals in the rhythm of the day times.

CIEMA Online Coaching


- Daily at Personal expiry adapted coaching


- motivation and support at the



- daily nutritional support with useful tips


- Weekly representation of the weight




- weekly health review of the well-being

  based on the health optimizer

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Package design and price examples:


Action: Personal Online Coaching
Starter Package: Slim body - in 3 Steps and personal online coaching


Step 1: Coaching in your everyday life

1 week Bodybasic Detox treatment 39,95 € +

1 Lifestyly product Cabon Bodybasic 39,90 €


Step 2: Coaching in your everyday life

1 month Bodystyling treatment 69,95 € +

1 Nutritional lifestyle product LCS Bo9dystyling 96,70€


Step 3: 1 CIEMA Cookbook Enjoy your food 29,60€

Total price instead of 276,10 €

Now for the special price with 20% discount