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Slim-Body – in 3 steps to your desired figure with the CIEMA slimming method

Step 1 of the CIEMA slimming method: Body in balance

Lifestyle product Cabon Bodybasic, a mineral complex for the Bodybasic detox treatment with seven days detox plan. Cabon Bodybasic consists of an active mineral mixture optimized for your body. Based on the CIEMA slimming method, you take daily (according to schedule) supplementary the minerals of Cabon Bodybasic during the Bodybasic detox treatment.

CIEMA Slimming Method

The Bodybasic Detox Treatment - a specially developed and effective detox including Basic Nutrition - provides an essential food composition from all major food groups that your body needs. The food is planned day by day a food construction with worth-containing food, this relieves the organism.


The 7 day detox-plan with basic nutrition

The schedule

Day 1 - a relieving day for your organism
Day 2 - a vitamin-rich fruit juice day
Day 3 - a vitamin-rich vegetable juice day
Day 4 - a varied fruit day
Day 5 - a nutritious salad- and vegetables day
Day 6 - a balanced protein day
Day 7 - a balanced protein day


Daily nuts, tee or espresso as well as 2 liter water per day

Your body is in balance, you are strengthened and performance ready, the base for an optimal balance.


The Bodybasic detox treatment with the lifestyle product Cabon Bodybasic is applicable 2-4 times a year. With Body in Balance, you are prepared for Step 2. You will find the bodybasic detox treatment with 7 days detox plan in the leaflet.

Step 2 of the CIEMA slimming method:

Body in form

The Nutritional Lifestyle Product LCS Bodystyle, a triple combo compound of essential nutrients and active ingredients, consisting of LCS-1, LCS-2, LCS-3 and the Bodystyling treatment with a Four Week nutrition plan.


The LCS Bodystyle consists of a mixture of nutrients and active ingredients optimized for your body.  


Based on the CIEMA slimming method, you take daily (according to schedule) supplementary the minerals of LCS Bodystyling during the Bodybasic detox treatment.

The Bodystyling Treatment, a food optimized treatment including the Vital & Slim nutrition, offers daily healthy nutrition consisting of all major food groups that your body needs. “The right food at the right time of day” corresponds to the time of day rhythm. Not a diet but rather an effective dietary change. The 4 weeks nutrition plan contains a Vital & Slim nutrition in which your body optimally utilizes food and food components, converts them into energy and supports weight loss.


The 4 weeks nutrition plan with the vital & slim nutrition

The Schedule: the right food for the right time of the day


Morning: vitality with a high-fibre breakfast

Midmorning: fit and active with fruit juices, fruit and active drinks

Midday: power with protein-rich meals and power food

Afternoon: enjoy healthy, sweet snacks 1-2 times per week

Evening: balance with vegetable dishes made from varied vegetables

So that you can easily achieve your ideal figure and a Vital Slim Body. The Bodystyling Treatment and the complementary Nutritional Lifestyle Product LCS Bodystyle may be renewed until you reach your ideal weight.

You will find the bodystyling treatment with 4 weeks nutrition plan in the leaflet.

Socrates (470-399 BC), the Greek philosopher, rightly said: "We do not live to eat, we eat in order to live."


In today's affluent society would still have to be complemented to this elementary statement that only the right food can hold us healthy, fit and vital and unhealthy food makes us overweight and sick.


Step 3: eat healthy and lose weight – with recipes of the vital & slim nutrition.

In the accompanying CIEMA cook book “Enjoy your food” - eat healthy and lose weight - you will find delicious Vital & Slim recipes and recipe ideas for balanced nutrition, cooking for one or on-the-go food suggestions.


Cooking with CIEMA opened to all those who want to lose weight healthy and sustainable, an easy and enjoyable way to conscious a healthy nutrition. A change in nutrition brings enjoyment and pleasure and is probably the most promising way for healthy and sustainable weight reduction. A healthy nutrition based on the holistic CIEMA Slimming Method according to the five pillars of nutrition corresponding to the time of day rhythm. Recipes and recipe ideas compiled by the day times – eat healthy and lose weight.

Slim Body - Permanently slim! Once you have reached your desired figure you just keep eating after the CIEMA Slimming method. This allows you to keep your figure in shape without yo-yo effect!