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So easy is it to achieve your ideal figure with the personal online coaching and CIEMA Slimming method in 3 Steps! You tell us your desired weight, and your personal online coach informs you how easy it is:

Your personal online coach supports you with step 1


- a specialy developed and effective

  Bodybasic Detoy treatment ,


- with the basic nutrition and the 7 days

  detox plan,


- provides you with a basic food

  composition and all major foods that

  your body need,


- with the conversion of the light Detox

  “The food is built up day by day without



- How easy it is every day to implement a

  structure of drinking on solid food,

  based on the holistic CIEMA Slimming

  method that can be easily integrated

  into your daily routine.


- Make you feel lighter again have more

  power and energy and a body in




- and the lifestyle product Cabon

  Bodybasic, a mineral complex with basic

  minerals and salts for the daily mineral


Your personal online coach accompanied you with step 2


- a food-optimised body styling treatment,


- with Vital & Slim nutrition with the

  4-week nutrition plan,


- in the rhythm of the time of day which is

  easily integrable in your everyday life.


- You learn how easily it “right food at the

  right time of day“ and how your

  organism used best of all food and food



- optimally converts into energy and

  supports you by the weight reduction

  under and how you get a body in form


 - That you can lighter reach your

  desirable figure and a Vital Slim body



- and the Nutritional lifestyle Product LCS

  Bodystyling, a triple combo compound

  with essential nutrients and active

  substances to the everyday supply of


Your personal online coach creates at step 3


- weekly online nutrition plans for you

  with vital & slim recipes from the CIEMA

  cookbook “enjoy your food”


- delicious Vital & Slim recipes and recipe

  ideas for balanced nutrition, cooking for

  one or on-the-go food suggestions.


- which are easy to integrate in everyday

  life – eat healthy and lose weight



Your personal online coach accompanies you during the phases of the decreasing and motivates you to keep going.

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