Nutritional Lifestyle Products

The Company


CIEMA was founded in 2004,

an innovative company with experience in the market. The aim was to develop a method to assist the body in weight loss with a Vital & Slim nutrition and a product line that includes additional valuable nutrients. After two years of research CIEMA experts developed the holistic slimming method and the Nutritional Lifestyle product line with which you can easily reach in 3 Steps your desired figure.


With the philosophy of CIEMA you achieve a

holistic body lifestyle.

Step 1 – the lifestyle product Cabon Bodybasic and the Bodybasic dteox treatment with 7 days detox plan


Step 2 – the lifestyle product LCS Bodystyling and the Bodystyling treatment with the 4 weeks nutrition plan.


Step 3 – the CIEMA cookbook “Enjoy your food” – eat healthy and lose weight – with the Vital & Slim nutrition.



Another product which has come to the market at the same time is the nutritional lifestyle product Xionin Bodypower – a vital substance mix for the day.

Product line


The development of the product line and his contents materials are careful at the need of the organism coordinately with an optimally straightened composition from minerals, salts, vitamins, essential fatty acids, herbal roughage, enzymes and trace elements. Used ingredients for the lifestyle CIEMA Nutritional Products are as follows: Natriumbicarbonat, sodium chloride, vitamin E500, Coenzym Q10, Chitosan, alpha aloe concentrate 201 (aloe vera plant), selenium, silicon, Perillaöl. The nutrients and active substances of the food supplement serve the raised care of the human metabolism processes.

Even the Polish biochemist Casimir Funk participated in 1912 that all vital substances containing an NH2 group.

He therefore coined the term "vitamin"
(from Vita for life and for nitrogenous amine)

The information about the Polish biochemist Casimir Funk refers to the extract from Wikipedia



The CINEMA Nutritional Lifestyle Products and the composition of the substances are lt. Dietary supplement regulation approved in the EU. The certification of CIEMA Product line was made of 2005.


PZN - central pharmaceutical numbers exist - since 2006 (identification key for pharmacy products) which can be found in the product description.


The CIEMA pharmaceutical producer guarantees the highest quality and safety of raw material selection, development and formulations to marketable production according to EU standard. The production plant is certified and guarantees the highest quality controls.


The CIEMA Products are brand protected. All texts, information are the property of CIEMA Ltd. The use, modification and copying is solely CIEMA Ltd. reserved.


300 people tested at intervals of three, six and twelve months the CIEMA Slimming method with the supplementary Nutritional Lifestyle Products and were convinced of the operation. 90% of people are satisfied and would recommend the method CIEMA