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The CIEMA Slimming Method

CIEMA experts have examined the issue of obesity and the dietary habits of our fast-paced society to explore why an unhealthy diet acidifies the body, makes it fat and overweight and makes us feel unhealthy. In our daily lives, we often consume food combinations of proteins and carbohydrates that are not compatible to us; we consume fast food, prepared meals, as well as too much fatty and industrially prepared food and frozen food, unhealthy animal fats and sugary drinks. The organism is thus out of balance and is no longer in balance.

CIEMA Slimming Method

Then people, due to a diet, abstain from food, with the result that even though their weight is reduced during the diet because fat reserves are depleted, after the diet they mostly revert to their old eating habits and once again gain weight.

These days “dieting” is often misinterpreted and its importance is mistaken. The word “diet” comes from the Greek “Diaita” and means, the partial or total abstinence from particular foods and the adjustment of a diet for health reasons, during an illness as well as for a particular change in lifestyle. In addition, a diet is usually temporary.

If the excess weight of the body is visible, in most the desire arises to become slim - a recurring phenomenon occurs and you start a diet that has just been advertised to you, for example, the Summer Diet, Bikini Diet, Spring Diet, etc., and that has promised you success.

What makes the CIEMA Slimming method unique?

The CIEMA slimming method is unique because it is not a diet but a holistic method, easy to implement and easy to integrate in everyday life!

1. Balanced acid-base


2. Weight loss through proper nutrition


3. Because the right nutrition and food

    components are utilised by your body and

    support your body in losing weight


4. The time of day rhythm ensures balanced

    nutrition through available energy.


5. Balanced nutrition corresponding to the

    time of day rhythm is optimally converted

    into energy


6. The right food at the right time of day

    supports your body in losing weight

The top 10 reasons in favour of the CIEMA Slimming Method:

7. A Body in Balance can be achieved using

    minerals that provide supplemental

    support to your body in the Bodybasic

    and Detox Treatment with a Basic

    Nutrition and Detox Plan


8. A Body in Shape can be achieved with

    nutrients and active ingredients that

    provide supplemental support to your

    body in the Bodystyle and Bodystyling

    Treatment with a Vital & Slim nutrition

    and nutrition Plan.


9. Using recipes from the accompanying

     cookbook, you can eat healthy and lose

     weight in the process.


10. Minerals, nutrients and active

       ingredients can support your body in

       the Bodybasic and Bodystyle.