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The Nutritional Lifestyle Product LCS Bodystyle, a triple combo compound consisting of LCS-1, LCS-2, LCS-3


The 4 weeks nutrition plan consists a Vital & Slim nutrition, in which your body optimally utilises food and food components, converts them into energy and supports weight loss. No calorie counting, no giving up food and no hunger. This will help you achieve your ideal figure and a vital, slim body.


LCS Bodystyling - LCS-1 for morning - active minerals, essential vitamins and enzymes. Coenzym Q10 is required by the enzymes involved in the cell construction. Vitamin E 500 is an antioxidatively working vitamin.


LCS Bodystyling . LCS-2 for midday – lipid binder, plant compounds and minerals. Chitosan is produced from the raw material chitin of shellfish and is a lipid binder for weight control.



LCS Bodystyling - LCS-3 for evening - ultra complex of trace elements for skin and connective tissue. Silica (silicon) for the structure and function of the entire connective tissue. Sodium improves recovery vitamin from food. Sodium is one of the anti-oxidants and has a positive effect for the skin.


In conjunction with the body styling treatment and the 4-week nutrition plan with Vital & Slim nutrition brings your figure into shape. Sodium bicarbonate - active base minerals Alpha Aloe Concentrate Powder201 (Aloe Vera), recovered from the gel of the aloe vera plant with its own valuable vitamins, minerals and enzymes serves as Body Power vital substance. Inulin is a prebiotic active dietary fiber.

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