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Lifestyle product Cabon Bodybasic a a mineral complex


During the 7-day Detox plan your body is changed day by day from a drinking treatment to firm food, based on the holistic CIEMA slimming method which is easily integrable in your everyday life.


The basic nutrition begins with a food-exonerating day, and then follows day by day a food construction with worth-containing food, this relieves the organism. The construction of drinking treatment and the conversion afterwards on firm food is healthy, holds fit and vitalized, you feel to full energy. You feel full of energy. With it you create an acid-based balance and a body in balance.


Active intestine minerals – Sodium chloride - stimulatingly

Active basic minerals – Natriumbicarbonat - mobilises

Active intestine fiber – Cellulose powder is an indissoluble roughage to the soft regulation

Active Bodybasic – by the well-balanced relation of the dosage


The taking of mineral substance active mixtures with basic mineral materials and salts was already valid in the antiquity as a therapeutic precaution and as a method of treatment for an organism in balance.

Check your balance! Acid - bases - Testing!

Measure with the provided urine-test stripes your pH factor and your acid - bases - balance.


Use of the test stripes before and after the body BASIC Detox treatment:

On the 1st day the body BASIC Detox cure, in the morning with the urine-test stripe before you begin the Bodybasic Detox treatment, and on the 7th day  of the bodybasic detox treatment  the morning with the urine-test stripe.


The pH-test-strips are added at the lifestyle Product Cabon Bodybasic


CIEMA Tip: Make 2-4 Detox treatments per year.

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