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Nutritional lifestyle product Xionin Bodypower

– a vital substances mix.


Energy activator


Vital substance: Perilla oil contains omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential and cannot be produced by the body but must be consumed in the nutrition.


Vital substance: Alpha Aloe Concentrate Powder201 (Aloe Vera), recovered from the gel of the aloe vera plant is concentrated 200-fold compared to the fresh plant. A proper balance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes


Energy activator vital substance -  power day

2 capsules daily in the morning


Energy activator vital substance -  power before the party – 2 capsules before the party and 2 capsules after party


Energy activator vital substance -  power after party

2 capsules after party and 2 capsules in the morning


Also available as Xionin Bodypower to go! Always with you in a handy, lockable to go etui.

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