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Product Cabon Bodybasic

Lifestyle product Cabon Bodybasic, a mineral complex for the Bodybasic detox treatment with seven days detox plan.

Step 1 of the CIEMA slimming method:

Body in balance

Start the Bodybasic Detox Treatment, a mineral complex with alkaline minerals and salts using the seven day detox plan and the lifestyle product Cabon Bodybasic.

Cabon Bodybasic consists of an active mineral mixture optimized for your body. These active intestine minerals have a stimulating effect and the active alkaline minerals mobilize ballast and active basic minerals support the soft regulation in the process. Based on the CIEMA slimming method, you take daily (according to schedule) supplementary the minerals of Cabon Bodybasic during the Bodybasic detox treatment.

Active intestine minerals – with stimulating effect

Active basic minerals – mobilizing ballast

Active intestine fiber – soft regulation

Active Bodybasic – by the balanced proportion of minerals

The Bodybasic Detox Treatment - a specially developed and effective detox including Basic Nutrition - provides an essential food composition from all major food groups that your body needs. The food is planned day by day without going hungry.

You feel intact, easier again and have more energy. Your body is in balance, you are strengthened and performance ready, the base for an optimal balance.

During the 7-day Detox plan your body is changed day by day from a drinking treatment to firm food, based on the holistic CIEMA slimming method which is easily integrable in your everyday life. The basic nutrition begins with a food-exonerating day, and then follows day by day a food construction with worth-containing food, this relieves the organism. The construction of drinking treatment and the conversion afterwards on firm food is healthy, holds fit and vitalized, you feel to full energy.

This creates balance between an acid-base and a body in balance. With Body in Balance, you are prepared for Step 2

Lifestyle product Cabon Bodybasic, mineral complex 60 capsules, for the daily mineral supplement during the bodybasic detox treatment with 7 days detox plan. You will find the bodybasic detox treatment with 7 days detox plan in the leaflet.

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